Recap November

Jonas - Social Media Manager
December 10, 2018
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We are looking back on November where new brands was launched, the SIGMA affiliate conference, and what to expect for the month of December.

# Second Month of Operating

We have in a long time wanted to offer our publisher revenueshare and hybrid deals directly in our platform.
In November we came 1 step closer to that goal. All our publisher can now request hybrid and revenueshare deals on the DUNDER brand.

On top of that we also launched Lanadas in 7 countries, Gate777 in 7 countries and Karamba in 6 countries. And we have way more coming your way!

A new design-intern Matthias also joined our team and are working full-time on providing you high quality marketing content for our new brands.
Matthias is already working on bring LeoVegas live in our platform, with a insane Lion-landingspage!

We also attended SIGMA on the beautiful island SIGMA. Let me show you snapshot of the conference!

# SIGMA Affiliate Conference

SIGMA was fully packed – literally. The entire floor was crowded with affiliates and advertisers and several conferences & workshops being held just around the corner.

All the Casino brands showed what they got – drawing attention with alot of fun animals, robots and flashing screens all over.

I was not lucky on the black-jack table at LeoVegas, but we were able to partner up with 6 new Casino brands that will be launched during Q1.

So stay tuned!

# Expectations for December

The goal for December is to bring more brands into our platform, and the following brands are planned to go live:


One of them with the highest CPA deal we have ever seen in the network. So stay tuned!

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